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Every people set their ritual response to their worldview, belief or faith.

The people of the Peruvian and Bolivian Altiplano , is deeply Christian by Hispanic heritage and Andean primarily for reciprocity which receives from nature mother, father and their sun protective ” Apus ” and Deities.

As a result of this syncretism is still in force , in its popularity, propitiatory rites of thanks and remembrance. The first two are complementary basically a productive life cycle and remembrance.

On August : Ch’alla to the ” Pachamama “

From the early hours of the morning of August, homeowners in the city of Puno begin with the traditional Ch’alla to the ” Pachamama ” as part of one of the most deeply rooted traditions in the Andean world .

Tradition dictates that before the sun rises, the housing must be sahumadas and ch’alladas to thereby prosperity and abundance remain in the housing.


Puneñas usual comings Time Back

The festivals , dance and folk music of these people are linked to myth and ritual of the earth, to life itself . Each of its manifestations is assembled with gratitude or petition to the Pachamama , Mother Earth , who must always beg or thank . Even at carnivals , each of the dances danced in these celebrations has a ritual connotation , for example, wiphala , celebrating the harvest of the first seed potatoes , which becomes a cultural expression with the agro.

Ceremonial Center Pachatata gracing Lake Titicaca

Pachatata Ceremonial Center is located on the island of Amamantí on Lake Titicaca ( Puno ) . Platforms, and ritual landscapes attract tourists .

where it is at the Pachatata Ceremonial Center ,, representing the ancient pre-Inca culture at the top of a hill 4.115 meters above sea level.

It is known that the inhabitants of the island of Amamantí have two divinities: Pachatata and Pachamama,to which they are asked a series of rituals ( since ancient times ) associated with reproduction and fertility. Rituals also attract hundreds of tourists in search of experiential tourism and proximity to the customs of these communities.

In the Ceremonial Center Pachatata you can see ancient terraces, built in pre-Columbian times . The visit also improves with amazing lake view and the fact of being surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery . All under the guidance of the mimes locals who provide information based on their own experiences.


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